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Abbey’s Dip Dyed Hair

The beautiful Abbey has sent in more pictures of her hair! Turquosie dip dye and purple dip dye. You can check out her tumblr @: and her previous hair:  Abbey’s Blonde Dip Dye I dyed the tip of my hair green-ish blue with Turquoise Blue by Manic …

Brenda’s Turquoise Hair

Very cute turquoise hair color sent in by Brenda: Hi my name it’s brenda (: i dyed my hair torquoise using the manic panic , it lasted for a really long time , got any questions follow me @_breesoda

Rachel’s Green and Turquoise Hair

Awesome turquoise and green streaks contrasting nicely on Rachel’s dark hair. The first time I ever dyed my hair funky colors was intimidating!! But I used the “beyond the zone” radical bleach kit. i really liked it because my hair turned out almost white but it didn’t …

Daid’s Turquoise Hair

Love David’s intense turquoise hair! After getting bored of my blond hair, i decided to use Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise! 🙂 it was fun except for when ppl thought it was a wig! -_- but i was happy with the results! 🙂