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Turquoise Fishtail Braid submitted these beautiful pictures of her turquoise and dark brown hair. The fistail braid looks unreal!  i used manic panic’s atomic torquise, and crazy color’s sky blue. 🙂 i used the same colors as the fishtail braid. 🙂

Ashley Lee’s Blue Hair

Missy Malone submitted these gorgeous pictures of her friends hair in variations of blue and purple, I wonder what hair dye she used? This is my best friend Ashley Lee <3 She knows I am sending these pictures 🙂

Cool Turquoise on tumblr submitted these two cool hair pictures. The first with turquoise hair: This was achieved by pre-lightening my hair (bleaching) to a pale blonde. I then used La Riche Directions Turquoise to achieve the colour, I left it on for around forty to fifty …

Blue and Turquoise Hair

Beautiful blue and turquoise hair mixed together sent in by through tumblr: directions “turquoise” and “lagoon blue” mixed together 🙂