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Special Effects Iguana Green Hair Dye

A hair dye with deep green tones that still remains vibrant and bright.

Iguana Green specifically is a truly stunning color. It’s a vibrant, mid-tone, kelly shamrock green, and doesn’t appear to have any overtly blue or yellow tones to it.

Lift your hair to at least a mid-tone blonde. Applying this green over golden or honey blonde hair will give you more of a yellow-green, since the green will mix with the gold of the hair. Lift all the way to ash blonde for a true kelly green. On hair lifted to ash blonde, the kelly green gradually fades to bright spring green, and then finishes off as a pale mint green when nearly all the color has been washed out. Using a sulfate free shampoo, washing your hair in luke-warm water (as opposed to super hot), and only shampooing on alternating days as opposed to every day will greatly extend the life of the color.

Iguana Green and Black

Awesome two toned half and half hair color in bright green and black using Special Effects Iguana Green hair dye from Veronica Angelina @latenighthour #anastasiabrows #morpheeyeshadows #35U #12Z #wetnwildlipstick #sandstorm #specialeffectshairdye #iguanagreen