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Special Effect Deep Purple Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair color of a lovely deep shade of dark almost black purple that lasts for many months when applied to bleached hair, the color becomes more vibrant over time!

The outcome of this color is highly dependent on what color you start off with, look at the images below and you will see how much it varies from person to person.

Bleached Out Alpine Green and Deep Purple

Awesome pastel blue with purple in it by NatalieZombie @zombierecycling: Bleached the #alpinegreen #directionshairdye out after it turned blue thanks to the epic leaking from the #specialeffects #deeppurple . Not too excited about the yellow but I’ll keep my hair for like this for a …

Mox Lee’s Blue and Purple Hair

Awesome long dual toned hair color with purple on the top and electric blue from halfway through to the bottom of the hair. See more of Mox Lee @misodeluxe and Loving these deep and rich colors by Special Effects hair color. Using electric blue, …

Deep Purple Long Hair

Gorgeous long deep purple hair color by The photo on the left was the inspiration, the one on the right is the finished look! Hair dye used: Special Effects Deep Purple

Hair in Deep Purple

This is Special Effects ‘deep purple’. It was in my hair for 4 weeks and after that i started washing my hair with Head and Shoulders to try to strip the color out. I’ve been purple since late November, its about to be February,.time for …