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Red and Black Hair Color Ideas!
Make a statement with deliciously stunning red and black hair color, scroll below for many ways of wearing this amazing hair color combination.

Red and Black Hair Color Ideas

Great red hair colors for you hair include:
Pravana Vivids Red
Manic Panic Vampire Red
Manic Panic Rock n’ Roll Red
Manic Panic Pillarbox Red

Black and Red Hair Using Pravana Hair Dyes

Black and Red Hair Using Pravana Hair Dyes. Hair stylist AK Schreiber @akesxo. Hair dyes used to create this stunning look are Pravana Wild Orchid, Pravana Red and Pravana Magenta. “Ladies in red 💋#hairbyak #hairvancouver #thedyelot #pravanared #pravanavivids #pravanamagenta #pravanawildorchid #pravanalockedin #redombre #beautifulhair #peekaboohighlights #holidayhair …

Deep Red Ombre

Stunning long brown to deep red balayage hair color by Candice Alice Hair @candicealicehair Giuseppe Franco Salon Beverly Hills, CA. Using Pravana Vivids Red hair dye and a little bit of purple. “Dark base and deep red balayage ❤️ Used a combo of @pravana red …

Two Toned Hair – Black Cherry and Red

Two toned hair color in black cherry and red created by Grace Black @grace__black using Pravana Vivids Red and Aveda. The dark cherry black side: She had splat red on her hair and only wanted to use demi permanent on her darker side. So it …


Gorgeous ombre hair from blonde to red to black created by Sarah Castillo Hairstylist and Make Up Artist @sarahpeesh Before and after from solid blonde to a gorgeous ombre! Using Paul Mitchell hair color.