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Super bright, neon, day glow yellow!

Neon Yellow looks amazingly vibrant in natural light, but literally glows under UV/Black light!

Silver and neon green ombre hair color

Silver and neon green ombre hair color created by Maayan @maayanbescene from Bescene Studios Using Pravana Neons hair dye. “NEON 💚💛 round 2 for @thejennshin always love doing her color. This is actually a few weeks after we did it! Fading beautifully 👌🏼 used @wellahair …

Magenta and Neon Yellow

Amazing magenta and neon yellow hair color by hairstylist Jorge @zazueta_jorge. The finish product neon yellow magenta the outcome was simply amazing im so ecxited to do so many more colors ! Bam 👊 kinda want a tekila sunrise … @irie_ady tjanks for being diff …

Técnica Rainbow Neon

Hair stylist Etinho Oliveira @etinhowbo creates this beautiful rainbow neon hair color in shades of orange, yellow and green using Manic Panic hair colors. Resultado da técnica Rainbow Neon Today was day Color Factory and ourbrunamessina Model rocked the Rainbow Neon Pranava! Simply love more! …