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Black to pink ombre hair color

Beautiful black to pink ombre hair color by California Chino Hills based hairstylist Jr Apodaca @jrstyles81. I had so much fun doing this today. Color made possible by @brazilianbondbuilder

Pink, Silver and Black Hair Color

Gorgeous layering of colors with pink on to of silver and black created by hair stylist Alexandrea Villareal @alexandreavillareal. Fresh hair on the gorgeous @chels_theofficial 💗 Used @pravana vivids and the new vivids locked in. I love that I didn’t have to worry about the pink …

Cleo Rose Pastelized and Black

i Love Tokio Couture @iltkgram creates this stunning hair color in black with pastel pink underneath using a pastelized Manic Panic’s Cleo Rose hair color to achieve that amazing shade of delicate pink.