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Introducing the Ombre hair color trend! Traditional ombre – where the top of the hair is dark and the bottom is light, with slight blending between

The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. But it doesn’t stop there, it doesn’t always have to be the expected brown to blonde transition, you can add crazy colors like blue, purple, pink; or reverse the ombre trend with lighter roots to darker ends or go for a brown to red color transition, the combinations are only limited by your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Ombre hair coloring is not limited to long hair, looks great on medium-length and short hair too!

The newest incarnation of the ombre trend is called “Sombre” – it’s ombre hair, but softer (or more subtle). Lighter pieces are being taken up higher, particularly around the face, and the lower lengths of the hair have ribbons of colour running through creating a more natural look.

Top 25 Hottest Blonde to Pink Ombré Hair Colors

No doubt you have come across the ombré/balayage hair technique, it is one of the hottest hair trends of the moment. The Ombré technique involves the gradual diffusion of color from dark to light (Reverse ombre does the opposite, takes us from light to dark). The …

Silver to Lavender Hair

Gorgeous hair color that goes from silver at the roots to lavender created by Kelly O @hairbykellyo Tie-dyed hair?? Yes please! Hooked Dana up with some fun colour today! 💖💜💖 my little pony! #hairbykellyo Braids and vivid colours go together like cats and YouTube. 😘😘😘 …

Beige Ombre

Amazing beige blonde ombre hair color created by KO-JI ANKH CROSS @ankhkoji in Japan. Blonde beige ombre on asian hair. KO-JI ANKH CROSS /プレスプロデューサー/エリアマネージャー/koujirou kuriya ⬇︎ヘアカタログ&ネットご予約⬇︎ フィニッシュワーク講習2回目‼︎池袋東口店stylistのrieがモデルになってくれました(^_^)ありがとう♪ #ankhcross #hairstyle #hair #haircut #haircolor #follow #followme #cute #girl #like #love #fashion #beauty #photooftheday #ヘアスタイル #美容師 #美容室 #撮影 …