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Olaplex – a new hair product that has been deemed the game changer! Rebonds Split Ends!!! Corrects Past Damage! Can be used as a Stand- Alone Treatment!

Three products are offered #1 & #2 are to be used during chemical treatments by a professional and #3 is a take-home for continued use. Olaplex is an oil based product so if your looking for 30 vol results then use a 40 vol the olaplex will dilute the product to a 30vol result, amazing for bleach it protects your hair so you get less damage works great for an all over bleach application or a balayage/highlights mix your bleach then add no.1 after application wash with no2 then use no3.

Hair samples bleached with Olaplex and without!
olaplex and no olaplex

Below are examples of hair colors dyed using Olaplex.

Silver and Candy Colors

Amazing hair color transformation created by hair stylist Luzinda Gonzalez (Manic Panic Color Asylum) @lalalucy4. Using Manic Panic hair dyes Blue Steel, Hot Hot Pink, Electric Amethyst and Violet mixed with pastelizer, Sirens Song, Bad Boy Blue and Olaplex.

Silver hair with a rainbow band

Silver hair with a rainbow band created by Phil Does Hair @phildoeshair in Phoenix Arizona. My model @kristanthamum with her Elevated Color technique that we did between @aprilbloom and I on stage today using @Joico color! @cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocrush #licensedtocreate #olaplex @olaplex

Prism Lights

Amazing long silver/gray hair with rainbow colors up top. “Prism Lights”  by Phil Does Hair @phildoeshair in Phoenix Arizona. 💎💎Prism Lights💎💎 A little added volume. Inspired by the Northern Lights, we bring you our interpretation. This collaborative between @Aprilbloom and I where I formulated and she …

Olaplex blonde 💜

Melbourne based color specialist Jess Lewis @hairbyjesslewis creates this beautiful platinum blonde hair using Olaplex. Olaplex blonde 💜 @olaplex @olaplexau #olaplex #hairbyjesslewis

Unicorn roots

Jessica Gonzalez Colorist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles @jesstheebesttcolor creates this amazing platinum blonde hair color with deep purple roots using Pravana hair dye and Olaplex! Unicorn roots #jesstheebesttcolor #sallyhershbergerla #olaplex #pravana #colorfulhair #purpleroots