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Sandart Mohawk

Sandart Mohawk in bright colors created by the stylists at Rendezvous Hair Salon! Rendezvous Hair Salon 2600 N High St Columbus, OH +1 614-447-2600

Green and Purple Mohawk

Awesome greena nd purple mohawk from Ez! How did my hair even get this long. I don’t even know guys O___O I didn’t even realise until I saw this picture. It has pretty much doubled in length xD I think it might be time for …

Awesome Pastel Rainbow

Beautiful pastel rainbow hair gradient with shaved sides using Pravana hair dyes by hairstylist Alli Marie @shearlockcombs from The Salon at ULTA, San Jose. YES! Now THIS is what I LOVE to do! Had the honor of transforming Alyssa’s thick, long locks with Pravana color …

Neon Ombre Mohawk

Hair stylist Amber “AK” Kicka$$ @a_kicka55 created this awesome blue to neon green/yellow hair color on @anarchopinky ‘s mohawk! using Arctic Fox Aquamarine at the roots and Pravana Neons Yellow at the roots! After one week wash: anarchopinky: “@arcticfoxhaircolor your aquamarine is amazing not only …