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Minty Green

Celeste Gingerella Licensed cosmetologist from Riverside, CA @cghairdesign creates the perfect mint green hair color on Zakary @zerotradingco. Minty green, too clean on @zerotradingco 🌿 if you’re in need of a new tattoo, be sure to check out his work! #pastelgoth #cghairdesign #hair #hairstylist #haircut …

Bob Hair from Platinum to Mint Ombre

Laura Patterson Hair Stylist creates this amazing bob hairstyle that goes from platinum blonde to minty green ombre~ Matilda, Matilda, Matilda! Say NO to normal hair smile emoticon 💙🙏💎💧🙌 Laura Patterson Hair Stylist 2a/30 Orlando Street Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia 0421 737 194

Mystical Mint Ombre

Minty ombre hair color using Pravana Pastels Mystical Mint by @birkin_95 Mystical Mint for Mystery Land on @locky228 #pravana#mint#green#ombre#icey#soho#heather Ombre hair, pastel hair, pravana pastels, mint hair color.