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Lion Mane in Manic Panic Wildfire

Awesome bright red hair color using Manic Panic Wildfire on bleached white hair from Hannah @hannahpeppers I might actually be a lion Before: #roar #hair #dye #natural #red #wildfire 🔥 #manicpanic #loveit

Braided Rainbow

Gina and her awesome rainbow hair color created using Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet, Electric Lizard, Wildfire and Color Jamz Bubble Gum Pink. Dyed it again! Two pics from the front and one from the back, braided so you can see my secret green streak …

Rali’s Orange Hair

Rali sent in this picture of her cute orange hair, here is how she achieved this beautiful color: What I did to get this color is I bleached it once and then I dyed it “wildfire” by Manic Panic ($10-$14) It turned a bright orange! …