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Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye

As a deep and sanguine shade of burgundy, this dye could attract the interest of a bloodthirsty vampire. Deep and lustrous, this is a beautiful shade of red. The colour is intense and has a lot of depth while still being vibrant and adds stunning highlights to darker shades of hair.

Virgin Snow and Vampire Red

Miho @mhigh_08 and her amazing short bobbed hair that goes from white to bright red using Manic Panic hair dyes Virgin Snow and Vampire Red. #ヘアカラー #JAILHOUSE #haircolor #hair #vampirered #virginsnow #manicpanic #white #red #madisonpiercing

All Manic Panic

Beautiful bright hair colors from using Manic Panic hair dyes! All manic panic. Vampire red. Green envy. Enchanted forest. Ultra violet. Rockabilly blue. Purple haze. Pink flamingo.

Dip Dyed Vampire Red

Awesome blonde hair with dyed red ends from Kaialion! Manic Panic Vampire Red. Did it all by myself. Hair Dye Used: Manic Panic Vampire Red