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Silver and Candy Colors

Amazing hair color transformation created by hair stylist Luzinda Gonzalez (Manic Panic Color Asylum) @lalalucy4. Using Manic Panic hair dyes Blue Steel, Hot Hot Pink, Electric Amethyst and Violet mixed with pastelizer, Sirens Song, Bad Boy Blue and Olaplex.

Dreamy Steel Ocean

Amazing blue steel with vivids hair color “dreamy steel ocean” created by hair stylist Kate Macfarlane @katelsmac. Here it is……i wanted to incorporate the two hottest colours right now ‘grey/steel’ and ‘vibrants’ so i went with a blue steel which was #lakmeusa #lakme 72mls developer …

Mermaid Hair in Black, Turquoise and Pink

Amazing mermaid hair, dark hair with streaks in turquoise and pink from Christina O @agashibychristinao Fighting for the last few minutes of natural light! Eight hours later…mermaid hair!! Huge thanks to @motelhell and @natashapickettstylist at @durossandlangel Salon!! We used @manicpanicnyc Siren’s Song, Atomic Turquoise and …

Green Ombre Envy

Stunning black to green ombre hair color created by @lalalucy4 using Manic Panic Enchanted Forest, Raven Black, Siren’s Song and Pastelizer with Olaplex!

Manic Panic Green’s and Purples

Pretty mermaid hair color using Manic Panic’s Siren’s Song, Voodoo Blue and Purple Haze. Just give me all the Manic Panic hair colours. All of them. Handiwork by the only Suricatex. via