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Manic Panic Shocking Blue Hair Dye

Lighter than After Midnight, but darker than Rockabilly Blue, this dye looks like the deepest depths of a sprawling ocean. Bleaching thoroughly to a level 9 or 10 before dyeing is recommended for the best results.

Mix – After Midnight, Voodoo Blue and Shocking Blue

Stunning long curly hair in blue and turquoise by Lupita @lupinka_cosplay using a combination of Manic Panic hair dyes in After Midnight Blue, Voodoo Blue and Shocking Blue. #nofilter #smile #summer #beauty #curlyhair #single #goingout #voodooblue #shockingblue #aftermidnightblue #ididthismyself #pretty #makeup #manicpanic #extenstions #bluehair #mermaidhair …

Karnivorous Keyz Hair Colors

Exciting new hair color submission from singer/songwriter Karnivorous Keyz ( My names Karnivorous Keyz but some call be “Babs.” I’m the lead singer/songwriter of a Canadian band “Kiaru (” and the sole proprietor of “Rebel Queen Restraintz (Etsy: Rebel Queen Restraintz)” a vegan clothing/makeup company. …

Lauretha Pink and Blue Hair

Lauretha @leauretha awesome black hair with chunks of hair dyed in shocking blue and hot hot pink! Hair Dyes: Manic Panic Shocking Blue and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink