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Manic Panic Red Passion Hair Dye

Stunning bright red-pink hair colour! Manic Panic Red Passion is a shade of deep cranberry is warmer than New Rose, but cooler than Rock ‘N’ Roll Red. Bleaching before use is strongly recommended to get the best outcome, and this color will glow under black light.

Sunset Colored Angled Bob

Awesome multicolored short angled hair cut using Manic Panic hair dyes from Aja @ajaorvis Changed my hair for summer! I used @manicpanicnyc #hothotpink at the tips #redpassion on the sides #psychedelicsunset in the middle and #electricbanana at the roots. Looks way better in person.

Green Eyes and Red Hair

Love the combination of contrasting colors in this picture with bright green eyes and shocking red hair! Using Hair Dye: Manic Panic Red Passion