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Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset Hair Dye

As a light and bright shade of orange, Psychedelic Sunset recalls the vibrant colors of the sun at dusk. Bleaching before use is definitely recommended to achieve the color of your dreams.

See below for images of people with this amazing sunset orange colored hair!

She’s a Rainbow

Amazing rainbow colored hair created by hair stylist Luzinda Gonzalez (Manic Panic Color Asylum) @lalalucy4. Using Manic Panic hair dyes Electric Banana, Hot Hot Pink, Electric Amethyst, Atomic Turquoise, Psychedelic Sunset and Olaplex. She’s a Rainbow! 🍭

Sunset Colored Angled Bob

Awesome multicolored short angled hair cut using Manic Panic hair dyes from Aja @ajaorvis Changed my hair for summer! I used @manicpanicnyc #hothotpink at the tips #redpassion on the sides #psychedelicsunset in the middle and #electricbanana at the roots. Looks way better in person.

Fifth Element Hair Color

A light and bright shade of orange, love this hair color from using Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset! Changed my hair again, this is my first coat of dye towards my orange. So fifth element. I love it!

Hair in Hot Pink and Juicy Orange

Amazing long hair on Beth @naysayer_ created by hair stylist Tiffany @hairbytiffanydorothy located in Perth, Australia. Bangs are colored in Manic Panic hot hot pink & the rest of her lovely locks are a combo of psychedelic sunset & electric lava. Hair Dyes Used: Manic …