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Manic Panic Green Envy Hair Dye

It’s no accident that this color is named Green Envy; having hair this “money” is sure to make anybody jealous. As one of our deepest shades of green, this dye adds some dimensional highlights to darker hair colors. A true shade of green with intense tones!

Green Envy Bobbed Hairstyle and Color

Awesome green bobbed hair on Anna @AnnieJo99 hair was bleached to a light blonde and then Manic Panic’s Green Envy was applied with a beautiful result! Had to bleach my hair so that when I dye it green the color shows up ☺️ and yes, …

Green Envy and Electric Lizard

Short green hair color from Hair Stylist Maisawa Masamitsu from Tokyo,Japan @AnthologyHair using a combination of Manic Panic’s Green Envy and Electric Lizard! メロンソーダ美味しい🍈 #ManicPanic #GreenEnvy #ElectricLizard

All Manic Panic

Beautiful bright hair colors from using Manic Panic hair dyes! All manic panic. Vampire red. Green envy. Enchanted forest. Ultra violet. Rockabilly blue. Purple haze. Pink flamingo.

Enchanted Lizard Ombre

Enchanted Lizard Ombre – green and black ombre hair by hair stylist Luzinda Gonzalez @LaLaLucy4 Little more natural with a twist! Pretty green princess @_ashleyxjade #colorasylum #nyc #broadway #ombre #green #machine #spring #lighter #shade of #green #neonelectriclizard #enchantedforest #greenenvy #raven #haircolor #hairgangsta #hairbylucyyyy 💚💚💚 Using: …

Rainbow Kawaii Love

Rainbow kawaii hair color created by Maisawa from @ AnthologyHair in Tokyo Japan! ( using Manic Panic! Seven Prismatic Colors – creating the Perfect Rainbow using Manic Panic!