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Manic Panic Electric Banana Hair Dye

Ever wanted really, really bright hair colour? Try Manic Panic’s Electric Banana! Applied on its own to light blonde hair, it’s a super bright day-glo yellow and glows under UV.

Electric Lizard and Electric Banana Manic Panic

Awesome neon green hair color that glows under black light using Manic Panic hair dyes Electric Lizard and Electric Banana. Hair from Bogotá Colombiabased hair stylist CherryColors. “🍃GREEN NATURE🍃🍀 Este es uno de los tonos Neón ☘️(brillan bajo luz ultravioleta)⚡️que manejo en mi estudio.”

Sea Witch Hair Color

Hair and make-up artist Juanita King @fabulouseverythinghair_makeup creates and amazing neon ombre that goes from yellow to green to blue on Izzy Faith @izzyvoodoo. Hair dyes used: Manic Panic Electric Banana, Electric Lizard and Atomic Turquoise and Nak hair. YES YES YES @manicpanicnyc I did …

Sunset Colored Angled Bob

Awesome multicolored short angled hair cut using Manic Panic hair dyes from Aja @ajaorvis Changed my hair for summer! I used @manicpanicnyc #hothotpink at the tips #redpassion on the sides #psychedelicsunset in the middle and #electricbanana at the roots. Looks way better in person.

Neon Pastel Rainbow Manic Panic Braids

Amazing pastel rainbow dutch braid and cornrow hairstyles from @paumua using Manic Panic hair colors in Electric Lizard, Electric Amethyst, Electric Banana, Atomic Turquoise, Voodoo Blue, hot Hot Pink, Purple Haze and Blue Steel.