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Manic Panic Cleo Rose Hair Dye

This is a fuschia pink, yet a softer shade than Manic Panic’s Popular Hot Hot Pink. A vibrant dye that will turn a beautiful shade of rose pink.

Amazing Manic Panic Hair Colors for 2018

Amazing Manic Panic Hair Colors for 2018. A shout out to the latest awesome hair color ideas and trends for 2018 using Manic Panic hair dyes. Super cool hair color alchemy with edgy designs from @roxiejanehunt Unconventional hair color, ultra creative bob using Manic Panic …

Cleo Rose Finesse Balayage

Cassandra lee gray-smith @cassandralee_hair creates this stunning pink finesse balayage using Manic Panic’s Cleo Rose. Cassandra lee gray-smith Qualified hair dresser Sydney Australia. Salon ambassador at Hairhouse Warehouse Chatswood. Specializing in creative colour and up styling.

Pauline’s Cleo Rose

Beautiful faded pink hair color on Pauline @paulineisanalien using Manic Panic’s Cleo Rose. Deepling in love with my pink hair … what a romantic story 💕 #pinkhair #dyedhair #pastelgoth #pastelgothhair #grunge #illuminati #sweater #double #selfie #nosmile #choker #jawbreaker #manicpanic #colorfulhair #cleorose