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Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Hair Dye

If you want bright aqua tresses that conjure visions of a serene Caribbean Sea, this is the perfect dye for you. Atomic Turquoise is a favorite of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and musician/muse Sharaya J! Bleaching prior to dyeing is recommended to achieve the purest form of the color. To get a lip that perfectly matches your hair, buy our Lethal Lipstick in Atomic Turquoise. This dye color is also available in the Amplified formula, which lasts 30% longer than the Classic!

This is a soft, delicate, true turquoise hair color like the turquoise stone and looks best when applied to the lightest shade you can take your hair down to. The whiter the better your color will turn out. Leave it in for longer than 30 minutes, the longer the bluer the color, the less time you leave this hair dye on the greener it will look. If your hair is bleached to a whitish shade you will get a true turquoise, on medium blonde hair you will get a teal/emerald color and on yellowish blonde (brassy) hair you will get a green. The amount of brass/yellow in your hair will reflect in the result you get and will be the difference between achieving a blue or green based turquoise.

Dr. Seuss Blue

Awesome short blue/turquoise hair color by Manic Panic Color Asylum at Revolver Salon. It’s like a work of art from Dr. Seuss himself! Manic Panic Color Asylum at Revolver Salon 1412 Broadway New York, New York +1 212-768-1174

Hazelnuts and Turquoise Hair

Beautiful blue hair using Atomic Turquoise by manic Panic from Rasetsu @rasetsuhyuga Hey there 🙆🏻🐬🐬🐬🐬 Some hazelnuts with my turquoise hair ☺️🐬 #nuts #hazelnut #turquoise #turquoisehair #manicpanic #atomicturquoise #nature #hair #hairporn #hairdye #haircolor

Michelle’s Turquoise Hair

Bright blue/turquoise hair color from Michelle @thefairyladyuk using very diluted Atomic Turquoise hair dye from Manic Panic. Loving my blue hair. Manic panic diluted A LOT. #haircolours #hairdye #manicpanic #manicpanichaircolour #atomicturquoise #bluehair #tattoo #pastelhair #happy #makeup #blueeyes