Rainbow Colored Dreadlocks

Awesome dreadlocks in bright rainbow shades.

rainbow colored dreads

Colorful Dreadlocks Gallery

blonde and pastel blue dreadlocks

Amazing colorful dreadlocks created by Darko Kramer (vk.com/darkokramer) from Moscow Russia!

dreadlocks in green and white

pink and blonde dreadlocks

pastel pink and blue dreadlocks

long rainbow dreadlocks

dreadlock in black green and purple

blonde and pastel blue dreadlocks 1

black and white dreadlocks

black and white dreadlocks 1

red and blonde dreadlocks

pastel pink dreadlocks

aqua green dreadlocks

ginger and green dreadlocks

Blue Teal Dreads

Super pretty turquoise/blue/teal dreadlocks in a ponytail!

blue dreadlocks

Ombre Dreads

Long dreadlocks in colored in the ombre trends from black to blonde!
ombre dreadlocks

Chole’s Pastel Purple

Gorgeous purple pastel hair with dreads via facebook from Chole!

Plum directions diluted with conditioner, turquoise, lilac and pink dreads- all used with directonsss.

plum directions pastel

Via our facebook page: link

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