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Dee Dixon peacock hair

Stunning  peacock hair color on Dee Dixon using Directions hair dyes! Dee Dixon has added a splash of colour to our Friday with her awesome self created ‘Peacock Hair’ .. Developed with Plum, Apple Green, Dark Tulip and Turquoise 💙💜 #directionshairdye #directionshaircolour #lariche #larichedirections #peacockhair #multicolouredhair #purplehair #bluehair …

Pastel purple and pink ombre

strawberryprincesschan’s gorgeous purple to pink pastel ombre hair! Purple and pink ombre Direction’s flamingo pink & Manic Panic’s purple haze mixed with conditioner

Green Fringe

Awesome brown and green hair color from using Manic Panic and Directions hair dyes: Used manicpanic enchanted forest and directions alpine green on my fringe and the under layer of my hair.