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La Riche Directions Hair Dye – Carnation Pink

Unique and bright yet soft pink hair color, one of the most popular pink hair dyes around. It fades very well into a lovely shade.

– Semi permanent, rich conditioning color
– Ideal for bleached hair; apply directly without developer
– Colors last 4-12+ weeks depending on shade
– Not tested on animals
– Each tub contains 88ml

Carnation Pink Hair

Beautiful pastel pink hair color from @kirsteymarie using La Riche Directions Carnation Pink hair dye. #pinkhair #carnationpink #saintgermain #M.A.C #MAC #lipstick #pastelpinkhair #pastelhair #longhair

Ombre in Green and Blues

Amazing green to blue ombre hair color with hints of pink sent in by Lisa (Facebook) using a combination of La Riche Directions hair dyes: I have used La Riche Directions : Alpine green, spring green, apple green, lagoon blue and carnation pink.

Freshly Dyed Carnation Pink Hair

Freshly dyed pink hair on  @lemon_freckles using La Riche Directions Carnation Pink hair dye. Freshly died hair and polka dots makes me super happy! 💗💗💗 #pastelhair #abmlifeiscolorful #wiwt #ootd #directions #carnationpink