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Peacock Color Melt

Beautiful peacock color melt by Madelyn at Chameleon Salon @chameleonsalonnw using Pravana Vivids. Chameleon Salon 3216 N. Lombard St. Portland, OR. 97217. Open 7 days a week, 1030am to 6pm. ✂✂✂✂503-231-2774

Inside & Outside Lighting – Purple Color Melt

Hair Stylist George Blanco @georgeeblancoo So proud of this. Inside & Outside Lighting. Purple Color Melt on @linette_49 What’s the difference between color melt and ombre? Or is there no difference? George Blanco: “Color melt is where I tint both the base color and the …

Sunset Colormelt

Stunning sunset hued colormelt hair color – from yellow to orange to pink by Portland, Oregon based hairstylist Amelia Hart @missameliahart.

Pink to Peach

Amazing pink to peach color melt on hair stylist Cassandra @cassderosa by stylist Michelle @meeshellaa using Pravana hair dyes. Before and After: