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Pink Lemonade Hair Color

Pink Lemonade hair colorTacoma WA Hair Artist Curtis Nielsen @curtiscolorshair. Using Pravana Vivids hair dyes: “Base color = magenta+pink Center color = Megenta+yellow + #2 bonding treatment Ends = Yellow + #2 bonding treatment”

Ice and Lime Hair Color Idea

Ice and Lime Hair Color Idea by hairstylist Alexander Scott @alexanderscotthair in Seattle. Amazing silver into lime green bob hairstyle using Redken, Olaplex and Pulpriot hair dyes and products.

Peach and Lavender Hair Color Gradient

Peach and Lavender Hair Color Gradient by senior hairstylist in Somerset Louise Glasbey @lglasbey. “Taken out my comfort zone today using tones 💜🧡that clash to create this contrasted look: The hair was bleached using Blondor Multi Blonde powder + 6% on midbands, pastel on (green) …

Silver Vibes Hair Color using Pulp Riot Hair Dye

Silver Vibes Hair Color by Highland park NJ Hairstylist Chelsea Manfre @_chelseatakespictures, using Pulp Riot Hair Color. “Silver vibes today , double processed are so dangerous and IF and WHEN you ask me for this color please keep in mind A) @_shayyr hair was lighten …