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Silver/Grey Blonde

Hair stylist Katrese Jacobs @kj_hairdesign creates this amazing Silver/Grey Blonde hair color! #kjhairdesign #londonontario #definingboss #wortleyvillage

Green Fringe

Awesome brown and green hair color from using Manic Panic and Directions hair dyes: Used manicpanic enchanted forest and directions alpine green on my fringe and the under layer of my hair.

Iguana Green and Black

Awesome two toned half and half hair color in bright green and black using Special Effects Iguana Green hair dye from Veronica Angelina @latenighthour #anastasiabrows #morpheeyeshadows #35U #12Z #wetnwildlipstick #sandstorm #specialeffectshairdye #iguanagreen

Pink to Dark Purple

Awesome pink to purple hair color from ( New hair ;3 Special Effects Atomic Pink, Directions Plum, Special Effects Electric Blue