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Silver melt

Stunning silver bobbed haircut with black bangs created by hairstylist Chris Weber Hair. Silver melt 💙 Chris Weber Hair Hair Artist/ The House of Blond / Gastown, Vancouver

Pastels and Septum

Amazing pastel hair color that goes from a pastel pink ombre to a blue and purple from Girl of the 21st Century using Manic Panic hair colors. purple hair pastel hair blue hair manic panic black girl septum me

Goopgirl’s Neon Green

Goopgirl’s amazing electric neon green hair color using Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard. 3 people have stopped me at work to ask how i got my hair this green, and ow just told them i was a chia pet.

Pastel purple and pink ombre

strawberryprincesschan’s gorgeous purple to pink pastel ombre hair! Purple and pink ombre Direction’s flamingo pink & Manic Panic’s purple haze mixed with conditioner