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Blonde hair with paprika formula underneath

Warm blonde hair color with paprika red underneath by by Sierra @sierra_haircolorist from Omni Hair Studio. L’anza color❤ Paprika formula underneath. And lifted regrowth with 30 volume and lightener then toned with 10P and Demi Trans developer.

Virgin Snow and Vampire Red

Miho @mhigh_08 and her amazing short bobbed hair that goes from white to bright red using Manic Panic hair dyes Virgin Snow and Vampire Red. #ヘアカラー #JAILHOUSE #haircolor #hair #vampirered #virginsnow #manicpanic #white #red #madisonpiercing

Red and Blonde Ombre

Beautiful red to blonde ombre hair color by Samantha from Off 7th Salon @thescissorsammurai. After being a double process blonde for so long my client Mandy wanted something different!! Gotta say this was a bit of a challenge at first, but after some extra TLC …