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Arctic Fox Aquamarine Hair Dye

Long lasting shade of turquoise/aqua.

Vivid Blue and Pink Braided Hair

Stunning vivid half and half blue an dpink hair color by @hairbykaseyoh. Harley quinn doesn’t need blonde 💙💕💙💕💙 I used @magiclightener and @brazilianbondbuilder to pre lighten and @arcticfoxhaircolor #arcticfoxhaircolor for the Vivids 💕💙

Neon Ombre Mohawk

Hair stylist Amber “AK” Kicka$$ @a_kicka55 created this awesome blue to neon green/yellow hair color on @anarchopinky ‘s mohawk! using Arctic Fox Aquamarine at the roots and Pravana Neons Yellow at the roots! After one week wash: anarchopinky: “@arcticfoxhaircolor your aquamarine is amazing not only …

Aquamarine, Arctic Mist and Poseidon

The bassist for the hard rock band Suicide Swallow; Iren @martian_oyster and her gorgeous long and wavy aqua/turquoise hair color using a mix of Arctic Fox’s Aquamarine, Arctic Mist and Poseidon hair dye!

Aquamarine and Purple Braided Hairstyle

Stunning hair in aqua and purple, the aqua dye is Arctic Fox’s lovely Aquamarine! Finally after 4 months (!!) I got my Aquamarine touched up. And again I’m blown away! And I just love the way it fades. Into this nice minty colour. So this …