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Silver Vibes Hair Color using Pulp Riot Hair Dye

Silver Vibes Hair Color by Highland park NJ Hairstylist Chelsea Manfre @_chelseatakespictures, using Pulp Riot Hair Color. “Silver vibes today , double processed are so dangerous and IF and WHEN you ask me for this color please keep in mind A) @_shayyr hair was lighten …

Manic Panic Velvet Violet

Stunning hair color ideas that are truly inspirational using Manic Panic Velvet Violet. Lovely in lavender hair color, sharp angled bob from Thays @itsthaysm.

Blonde and Brown Pixel Hair

Amazing pixel hair color by @thepunkpixiechick in Downtown Sarasota Cutting Loose Salon. “#pixelated princess 😇 thanks @phildoeshair for teaching me your skills!!!”