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Creative Image Adore Aquamarine Hair Dye:

Adore is a great hair dye considering it’s price and color selection.

Although fading can happen here are a few tips to minimize it.

*Shampoo before dyeing but do not condition (everyone’s hair is different and mine can tolerate dawn dish soap which I use everytime before a semi permanent

*Deep conditioner is your friend! Doesn’t have to be salon quality but condition your dye job often… I also use a leave in conditioner that has a UV protectant. It helps if you make time and put a shower cap over the conditioner on your head and process with heat… watch your scalp or you will have greasy looking hair).

*Wash hair with cool or cold water!

*Petroleum jelly on your ears, neck and hairline keep dye from staining your skin! At least keep some cotton balls dipped in dawn soap and water to wipe off if gets on your skin. If it stains and dries on you then try nail polish remover on a cotton ball. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water!!!

*Sometimes I sleep with semi permanent hair color in all night (shower cap and a towel for your pillow). Again, everyone is different and i must have very tolerant hair because i have bleached 2 days in a row without hair breakage… I am half Thai btw. Remember that I am speaking of semi permanent or temporary dye… never bleach or level 3 hair color!

*To keep color vibrant, mix a few drops into your hands with color safe shampoo and wash hair normally… use cold water if you can! I find this messy and let it fade and touch up once every week or as needed.

Aquamarine Dreads

Kim Mills @kimbosauruss stunning teal hued synthetic dreadlocks using Adore Aquamarine! #syntheticdreads #synthdreads #fauxlocs #bluehair #dyedhair #blacksunshinedreads #adoreaquamarine #mermaidhair #mermaid

Custom Wig Dyed Teal with Adore Aquamarine

@iamaava rocking a custom made wig that I made for her early thus year, Dyed blonde initially, she then spiced it up by adding some colour total bundles: 5(18-26 inches) colour: adore/aquamarine. #adore hair dye #aquamarine #full #head #wig #peruvian From Hair By Jennifer Cynthia …