Daphne’s Reddish Ombre Hair

Daphne submitted these pictures of her beautiful reddish ombre hair!

Hi !

I’m Daphne, 17, from the UK.
These are pictures of my newly coloured hair. I had it done two days ago so the colour is still quite saturated, but I think it already looks great !
The way I coloured it is quite a long story. My natural hair colour is light brown. 2 years ago I got my hair dyed blonde by my local hairdresser. Then I decided to change back to light brown, so I re-dyed my whole head light brown, but for some reason it came out a little ginger, which I liked. So I then got it dyed with a mix of brown and red, for the gingery-red tone to stand out even more. 
Then I started wanting something different, more change, so I started looking for ideas on the net, and found pictures of dip dyed hair, which inspired me to dip dye the ends blonde. 
I asked my hairdresser, who pointed out to me that because my hair used to be blonde, if I simply let the colour fade away, eventually it’ll go back to blonde, so there was no need to dip dye it.
So here we are : I got most of my hair re-dyed brown-red, except for the tips (about 5cm have been left to wash out to blonde, as you can see on the pictures).
The products are Loreal products, but I couldn’t give the exact reference :s
In a few weeks time this will look lighter and more gingery.
Daphne's Reddish Ombre Hair

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