If you are like me and LOVE dying your hair different unicorn, candy shop, vibrant, rainbow inspired colors then chance are high that you are on the hunt for the next awesome color. Here I put together a list of all the hair colors that appear on this site so that you can see examples of particular hair dyes on real people! Find hundreds of hair color pictures for particular hair dyes. To see hair dying results for the best brands like Manic Panic, Pravana, Directions and more! Click on a hair dye name or image for the hair dye you are interested in to see heaps more examples of real results using that particular dye.

Blue Hair Dye

Adore Aquamarine
Stunning blue/green teal hair color.
hair dye by adore aquamarine

Arctic Fox Aquamarine
Long lasting turquoise/aqua shade.

Directions Atlantic Blue
This is a brilliant blue hair dye that gives a glossy sheen to pre-lightened hair. Directions Atlantic Blue

Directions Lagoon Blue A bright, vivid turquoise blue hair color with hints of green, the lighter your hair is to begin with the brighter the results!

Ion Aqua
Not really an aqua shade, this color comes out more like a strong medium blue.

Ion Sky Blue
A deep sky blue shade.
Joico Intensity Sapphire Blue
A darker opaque blue hair dye color.
Manic Panic After Midnight
A deep and brooding shade of blue resembling the sky on a starry night! The dye may add slight highlights to dark hair!
manic-panic-after-midnight-blue Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue This color is great for baby blue locks with a “naughty streak”. One of Manic Panic’s lighter blue hues. manic-panic-bad-boy-blue Manic Panic Blue Moon A cool shade of cornflower blue. blue moon manic pnaci Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue As a potent punch of cobalt hair dye, Rockabilly Blue is not for the timid! It is bright, vibrant and in your face blue! blue-curls-manic-panci Manic Panic Shocking Blue Lighter than After Midnight, but darker than Rockabilly Blue, this dye looks like the deepest depths of a sprawling ocean. gothic-girl-with-blue-hair.jpg.pagespeed.ce.-PPTKvujiZ8Ke25z3TjM Manic Panic Voodoo Blue Stunning teal blue color! Color starts off a blue teal and fades to an aqua with a greenish tinge. Voodoo-Blue Manic Panic Pravana Vivids Blue Deep long lasting royal blue. blue pravana dye bob Special Effects Blue Velvet This deep blue hair colour from Special Effects starts out almost black and gets visibly brighter with each wash. Blue Velvet is a rich and faceted dark blue hair dye Special Effects Blue Velvet Curls Special Effect Electric Blue Electric Blue is a really vivid semi-permanent hair dye from Special Effects with a good depth. It starts out very dark blue which looks almost neon in sunlight and gradually fades out to a lilac shade. electric-blue-hair-680x1024

Green Hair Dye

Directions Alpine Green A stunning, unusual forest green with a blue tinge. directions-alpine-green Directions Apple Green A bright, lighter shade of green hair dye. Directions Apple Green Directions Spring Green This is an amazing bright neon green hair colour from LaRiche Directions. It even glows under UV! directions hair dye spring green Manic Panic Electric Lizard Awesome neon green hair color when applied to bleached hair, glows under black/UV light! 640x640xneon-green-and-blonde-hair.jpg.pagespeed.ic.F7PqATcFqPUr0061Bj2r Manic Panic Enchanted Forest Enchanting, deep pine green. The hair dye adds highlights to darker hair, giving gorgeous, dimensional color. Sonia-Eryka-shows-us-the-beauty-of-Enchanted-Forest Manic Panic Green Envy One of Manic Panic’s deepest shades of green, this dye adds some dimensional highlights to darker hair colors. A true shade of green with intense tones! 640x640xchristmas-hair-color.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AAzoenXP90qlW4C45Are Pravana Mystical Mint Gorgeous pastel green, a mint green hair color! pravana mystical mint hair dye Pravana Vivids Green Beautiful long lasting emerald green hair color. 640x640xgreen-pravana-hair.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vlLevdjOzUP4nyKDR0as Stargazer African Green A very bright and funky shade of blue toned green hair color. stargazer african green

Orange Hair Dye:

Directions Apricot
An orange/yellow pastel shade.
Directions Apricot hair dye

Manic Panic Electric Lava Explosive deep orange/red hair color! manic-panic-electric-lava Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily A bright shade of neon orange. Manic-Panic-Electric-Tiger-Lily Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset A light and bright shade of orange. Psychedelic Sunset manic panic Pravana Neon Orange An orange cone bright orange hair color, you will be noticed with Pravana neon orange, no doubt! pravana neon orange

Pink Hair Dye:

Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink Hot and bright bubble gum pink hair color. Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink Directions Carnation Pink Unique and bright yet soft pink hair color, one of the most popular pink hair dyes around. It fades very well into a lovely shade of pastel pink. July's Carnation Pink Hair Directions Flamingo Pink Flamingo Pink is a superb shade of vibrant pink hair dye! It’s our most popular pink shade from the Directions range and gives extremely bright results on pre-lightened hair. direction flamingo pink - hot pink hair dye Ion Magenta From bright pink fades to a nice pastel in a few washes. Ion-Color-Brilliance-Brights-in-Magenta Joico Intensity Magenta Long lasting intense magenta hair color. 640x640xback-of-bery-colored-short-hair.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jxQMazP5oN1yIMjRh6wy Lunatik Killer Candy An awesome shade of hot pink hair dye. Lunatik Killer Candy Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink Lighter shade of pink, a dye that glows under black light! thoroughly bleaching to a level 9 or 10 before use is suggested for the ideal outcome. 640x640xcotton-cndy-pink-hair.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zs-45rieO3i9082SyStu Manic Panic Cleo Rose This is a fuschia pink, yet a softer shade than Manic Panic’s Popular Hot Hot Pink. A vibrant dye that will turn a beautiful shade of rose pink. manic panic hair color cleo rose Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Fuschia Shock is a gorgeous magenta that explodes with color like the juices of a ripe boysenberry. Bleaching hair prior to dyeing will achieve the most vivid color, and this shade will add highlights to darker shades of hair. Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink This shade of pink is so hot, we had to say it twice. It is a bright punch of a gorgeous magenta color, and will be sure to cause a scene. hot hot pink manic panic Manic Panic Pink Cadillac This beautiful pink is Cotton Candy’s little sister. It is slightly lighter in tint, and 100% of the purchase price gets donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund! This dye color is also available in the Amplified formula, which lasts 30% longer than the Classic! Manic Panic Pink Cadillac Pravana Vivids Magenta A deep raspberry magenta shade for hair that has been pre-lightened. pravana-vivids-magenta Pravana Vivids Pink A soft and delicate baby pink hair color. Pravana Pink and Violet Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid Warm purple/pink hair dye with a pink tinge, looks best when applied on pre-lightened hair. Bright Hair - Pravana Wild Orchid Special Effect Virgin Rose A deep, vibrant pink hair color with a purple tinge. special-effects-virign-rose-hair-dye

Purple Hair Dye:

Adore African Violet Adore Creative Image Hair Color #113 African Violet – The perfect deep violet colour – not too blue and not too pink. Long Ombre - Adore African Violet Directions Lavender Lavender is a beautiful pale purple for very light blonde hair. Lavender by Directions Directions Lilac Lilac is a cool pastel purple hair color, a subtle, pretty purple dye that works well with pinks and purples like Carnation and Lavender. Apply this to very pale blonde hair and it will gradually wash out to a silvery platinum color. hari-dye-directions-lilac Directions Plum A highly pigmented dark, warm shade of purple that works well on most hair. la riche driections plum hair dye Directions Violet A very rich purple/violet hair color with a hint of blue. directions violet hair dye 1 Joico Intensity Indigo A dark bluish indigo that fades into a nice lighter shade of purple. joico-intensity-indigo Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream Super deep, dark and rich purple hair color from Manic Panic. A true dark purple shade with less pink than most other purples. Manic Panic's Deep Purple dream Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Apply this stunning shade of lilac to light/bleached hair for an awesome vibrant yet pastel shade of purple, the much coveted bright lavender hair electric amethyst manic panic Manic Panic Lie Locks As a light tint of indigo, this dye recalls the vibrant color of beautiful hydrangea flowers. Bleaching to a level 9 or 10 before dyeing is definitely suggested to achieve the perfect results. manic panic lie locks Manic Panic Mystic Heather Mystic Heather is a beautiful blend of pastel pink and purple. Bleaching to a level 9 or 10 prior to dyeing is definitely recommended, since this color tends to be light and delicate. Manic Panic Mystic Heather Manic Panic Plum Passion A sultry shade of purple, this color is darker than Purple Haze, and warmer than Violet Night. manic-panic-plum-passion-hair-dye Manic Panic Purple Haze As a bright and warm hue of violet, Purple Haze is named after a Jimi Hendrix song, and is very popular among Dye Hard fans. The color can add beautiful highlights to darker shades of hair. Purple-Haze-hair-bow Manic Panic Violet Night One of Manic Panic’s darkest and most seductive shades of cool purple, this color is not for “shrinking violets”. For the purest form of the color, be sure to bleach hair to a level 9 or 10 before dyeing. manic panic violet night Special Effects Deep Purple Semi-permanent hair color of a lovely deep shade of dark almost black purple that lasts for many months when applied to bleached hair, the color becomes more vibrant over time! 1024x768xDeep-Purple-Long-Hair-1024x768.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FZii2aqjwUFdM2PJBsDP Manic Panic Ultra Violet Darker than Lie Locks, but lighter and bluer than Violet Night, this purple is a royal shade of deep indigo. Bleaching first to a level 9 or 10 is suggested to get the hue at its brightest. Brennas-Ultra-Violet-Hair Pravana Pastels Luscious Lavender A delicate shade of pastel purple that must be applied to very pale blonde or platinum hair that has been pre-lightened. Gorgeous shade of pastel purple. Pravana Pastels Luscious Lavender hair dye Pravana Vivids Violet A stunning shade of intense purple from the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids range. This purple looks great on all skin tones, it’s not too blue and not too pink, the perfect purple! pravana-vivids-purple-ombre Special Effects Pimpin Purple A rich velvety purple semi-permanent hair dye from Special Effects. This is a long lasting dye when applied to bleached hair. Usually fades out to magenta color. brown-to-pimpin-purple-hair-dye Splat Lusty Lavender A deep shade of royal purple. rachels-lusty-lavender-hair-color-1

Red Hair Dye:

Crazy Color Bordeaux Bordeux is a deep, rich red colour with a vibrant purple edge to it, to give it that hint of crazy that this range is famous for. Crazy-Color-Bordeaux-hair-dye Crazy Color Fire A true pillarbox red hair dye that is very popular. A bright pink-based red semi-permanent dye gives a vibrant glossy effect to bleached hair and refreshes faded red hair. Crazy Color Fire hair dye Crazy Color Vermillion Red Crazy Color Vermillion Red is a fiery orange-based rusty red. A great hair color for revitalising any faded red color, will turn out super bright on bleached blonde hair. Vermillion Red Extreme Color Directions Poppy Red A super bright and glossy red hair dye, fades in to a pinkish orange. directions poppy red Joico Intensity Ruby Red Deep dark red hair color. joico-red Manic Panic Pillarbox Red A true bright red hair colour from Manic Panic. This is a dazzling and vibrant red with very slight pink tones. manic panic pillarbox red Manic Panic Red Passion Stunning bright red-pink hair colour! Manic Panic Red Passion is a shade of deep cranberry is warmer than New Rose, but cooler than Rock ‘N’ Roll Red. Bleaching before use is strongly recommended to get the best outcome, and this color will glow under black light. manic-panic-red-passion Manic Panic Rock ‘n’ Roll Red A great alternative to Pillarbox, Rock ‘n’ Roll Red is a deeper, richer shade of red but still extremely bright. Rock ‘n’ Roll Red manic panic Manic Panic Vampire Red As a deep and sanguine shade of burgundy, this dye could attract the interest of a bloodthirsty vampire. Deep and lustrous, this is a beautiful shade of red. The colour is intense and has a lot of depth while still being vibrant and adds stunning highlights to darker shades of hair. red-panic-hair Pravana Vivids Red A rich true red hair color, apply to pre-lightened hair for most vibrant results. pravana vivids red hair dye Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL 37 Hypnotic Red Lovely deep red shade of hair dye. Leaves hair glossy. Shade achieved is quite true to the box. Hypnotic-and-Vermillion-Red-1

Silver Hair Dye:

Manic Panic Blue Steel A gunmetal gray/silver shade, stunning silver blue hue, only visible on hair bleached very light. manic panic blue steel Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Silver Pravana Vivids’ silver is more noticeable than most tones. This starts out a light grey color (as opposed to the pale blue of most toners) and gradually lightens with each wash. For a shimmery silver you can dilute this color with conditioner, or apply direct from the tube for more of a gunmetal shade. Pravana-ChromaSilk-Vivids-Silver

Teal and Turquoise Hair Dye:

RAW Twisted Teal A stunning teal shade hair color that lasts long. raw-twisted-teal-mohawk Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise If you want bright aqua tresses that conjure visions of a serene Caribbean Sea, this is the perfect dye for you. manic-panic-768x1024

Yellow Hair Dye:

Directions Bright Daffodil
A stunning shade of unnatural yellow hair dye
directions bright daffodil hair dye

Manic Panic Electric Banana Ever wanted really, really bright hair color? Try Manic Panic’s Electric Banana! Applied on its own to light blonde hair, it’s a super bright day-glo yellow and glows under UV. electric banana yellow hair Pravana Neon Yellow Super bright, neon, day glow yellow! Neon Yellow looks amazingly vibrant in natural light, but literally glows under UV/Black light! neon yellow ombre Pravana Vivids Yellow A vibrant yellow color from Pravana’s Vivids range. Adds rich gold tones to pre-lightened hair and can be mixed with any of the other colours pravana - platinum to yellow ombre

Mixers and Toners

Manic Panic Pastel-izer

Black Hair Dye

Manic Panic Raven Black True black color, doesn’t run in the shower and stays black for a really long time! manic panic raven Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Deep Black Archive Raven black hair color from Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-Deep-Black-Archive

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