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Amazing real people and their hair! Endless creativity to browse through.

Pastel purple and pink ombre

strawberryprincesschan’s gorgeous purple to pink pastel ombre hair! Purple and pink ombre Direction’s flamingo pink & Manic Panic’s purple haze mixed with conditioner

Green Fringe

Awesome brown and green hair color from using Manic Panic and Directions hair dyes: Used manicpanic enchanted forest and directions alpine green on my fringe and the under layer of my hair.

Beautiful Long Red Hair

Beautiful not overwhelming but vibrant red hair color sent in by Texan hair stylist Jenny Potter! Hello my name is Jenny Potter and I am a hair stylist in Temple, Texas. Coloring hair is my passion and I want to share my work with the …

Black to Pink Gradient Ombre

Stunning Black to Pink Gradient Ombre hair color sent in by Kristel Gems: I used Ion black, Ion Magenta, and Ion Rose. I bought platinum blonde extensions (although it can work with bleached/natural platinum blonde hair) and layed them out on tinfoil, taking a dyeing …

Cawtney Virgin Snow Hair

Stunning silvery platinum hair color sent in by using Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner! I used manic panic virgin snow, to get a white silver tone 🙂