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Blonde with Neon Yellow and Green Underneath

Light sandy blonde hair with neon green and yellow underneath using Pravana Neons hair dyes. Hair by Nicole @itstrickii #Unfiltered 💚💙💛 #Pravana #Goldwell #Blondes #Neons #NeonGreen #NeonYellow #NeonOmbre #BobandPaige #BobandPaigeSalon

Bright Daffodil Hair Color

Hair dyed in a gorgeous unnatural shade of yellow using La Riche Directions Bright Daffodil. From YHASYME @yhasyme Flower crown, flowers in her hair, yellow hair, directions hair dye, long hair, elf ears. kokiri Queen Mithel #yellowhair #brightdaffodil #elfears #elfear #fairyhair #elfhair #mermaidhair #crown #flowercirclet …

Sea Witch Hair Color

Hair and make-up artist Juanita King @fabulouseverythinghair_makeup creates and amazing neon ombre that goes from yellow to green to blue on Izzy Faith @izzyvoodoo. Hair dyes used: Manic Panic Electric Banana, Electric Lizard and Atomic Turquoise and Nak hair. YES YES YES @manicpanicnyc I did …

Pravana Neons Blue and Yellow Hair

Glow under black light hair in blue and neon yellow created by Contemporary Hair Studio using Pravana Neons! Before and after with Pravana Vivids Neon that glow under black light thanks to Jessica Cary by Sarah Contemporary Hair Studio 729 W South St Freeport, Illinois +1 …

Neon Ombre Mohawk

Hair stylist Amber “AK” Kicka$$ @a_kicka55 created this awesome blue to neon green/yellow hair color on @anarchopinky ‘s mohawk! using Arctic Fox Aquamarine at the roots and Pravana Neons Yellow at the roots! After one week wash: anarchopinky: “@arcticfoxhaircolor your aquamarine is amazing not only …

Sunshine Yellow and Bright Pink Bow

Very cool hair art by Rena ( with bright yellow dyed hair in Manic Panic Sunshine and undercut featuring a bright pink bow! #hair #undercut #dyed undercut #yellow hair #harajuku #dyed hair #colourful hair #manic pani c#manic panic sunshine #direction s#cute hair #crazy hair #decora …

Electric Primaries

Hair stylist Linh Phan @bescene creates this amazing tricolored hairstyle in neon yellow, blue and pink with a high undercut. Electric primaries using #pravana Neons, Vivids, & the NEW #LOCKEDIN colors!

Sunshine and Tiger Lily

Amazing long yellow hair color with peekaboo strands in orange underneath created by Hair Stylist Maisawa Masamitsu from Tokyo,Japan @AnthologyHair using Manic Panic’s Sunshine and Electric Tiger Lily.

Sunset Colored Angled Bob

Awesome multicolored short angled hair cut using Manic Panic hair dyes from Aja @ajaorvis Changed my hair for summer! I used @manicpanicnyc #hothotpink at the tips #redpassion on the sides #psychedelicsunset in the middle and #electricbanana at the roots. Looks way better in person.

Long Hair Color Gradient

Hair stylist @liuxingchen3am creates this beautiful hair color gradient that goes from light ash blonde to pastel orange, to yellow, to green, to purple and ending in blue! #无痕接发 #成都无痕接发 #hairsandstyles

Neon Yellow Hair by Beth

Beautiful neon yellow hair color created by Beth Lantz @amatteroflifeandbeth – Hairdresser and Color Director at Pr@Partners Bristow. Specializing in Balayage and Hair painting. 🎨 Did a full head of #babylights on @heyyitsemilyy then toned with a tangerine shade at her base melting into a …

Beige Blonde and Yellow

Amazing long beige blonde hair with lemon yellow pastel underneath created by Jianmiao @guojianmcr “Xin micro” magazine freelance stylist Jianmiao.

Sunset Colormelt

Stunning sunset hued colormelt hair color – from yellow to orange to pink by Portland, Oregon based hairstylist Amelia Hart @missameliahart.