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Ice and Lime Hair Color Idea

Ice and Lime Hair Color Idea by hairstylist Alexander Scott @alexanderscotthair in Seattle. Amazing silver into lime green bob hairstyle using Redken, Olaplex and Pulpriot hair dyes and products.

Electric Lizard and Electric Banana Manic Panic

Awesome neon green hair color that glows under black light using Manic Panic hair dyes Electric Lizard and Electric Banana. Hair from Bogotá Colombiabased hair stylist CherryColors. “🍃GREEN NATURE🍃🍀 Este es uno de los tonos Neón ☘️(brillan bajo luz ultravioleta)⚡️que manejo en mi estudio.”

Pastel Fairy Hair

Pastel fairy hair color by Vivid color specialist Ally DeStout @allydestouttt (Soleil la vie salon). A beautiful hair color combination of blue, green, purple and silver. Loose curls or dutch braid, which is your favorite? “💜☘💧 LEFT OR RIGHT? Which is your favorite style on …

Purely Manic Panic Electric Lizard Hair Color

Just using Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard, amazing result! Love the undercut, glows under black light. Hair from Bogotá Colombiabased hair stylist CherryColors. “Personalmente uno de mis colores y resultados favoritos, me encanta el tono #ElectricLizzard de @manicpanicnyc en general los tonos neón son una hermosos! …

Toxicity Hair Color

“Toxicity”, Gorgeous hair color by @nealmhair located in Orlando FL. A full undercut pixie hairstyle colored in various shades using Pravana hair dyes: Pravana Black, Silver, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Mystical Mint and Clear. “⚗️ TØXICITY ⚗️ this is a full #undercutpixie that …

Electric Eel Hair Color in Neon

Electric Eel Hair Color in Neon by @nealmhair located in Orlando FL. Hair dyes used: Kenra Professional, Kenra Color Neons in Blue, Green and Yellow. Stunning blue and yellow hair color! “🐉 Electric ÈÈL 🐉 posting this great photo recently found slithering in the #nealsnymphs …

Vintage Earrings in her Rainbow Hair

Amazing vivid rainbow hair color decorated with vintage clip on earrings by Sarasota Hair Colorist Sam Daly @bottleblonde76. Love the combination of royal blue with green and purple! “A rainbow a day keeps my boredom away”

Black to Emerald and Neon Green Ombre Hair

Black to Emerald and Neon Green Ombre Hair using Pravana Vivids Hair dyes by Sierra @sierra_haircolorist from Omni Hair Studio using Pravana Vivids hair dyes. Fun color to start on senior year of highschool! Before and after: Closeup: #pravana #pravanavivids #amethyst #emerald #blue #neongreen #black …

Silver and neon green ombre hair color

Silver and neon green ombre hair color created by Maayan @maayanbescene from Bescene Studios Using Pravana Neons hair dye. “NEON 💚💛 round 2 for @thejennshin always love doing her color. This is actually a few weeks after we did it! Fading beautifully 👌🏼 used @wellahair …

Blonde and Green Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blonde hair from platinum blonde, to golden blonde, to dark blonde and ash blonde, natural blonde hair and dyed blonde hair combined with roots dip dyed or with a gradual ombre effect in green; from bright green to lime green to mint green to pastel …

Neon Green Hair Color

Neon green hair color, amazing acidic shade of lime green, a shade of green that jumps off the screen. This great shade of green hair dye will do more than turn heads, when you walk into a room with this head of hair you will …

Violet and neon green hair

Amazing long and straight violet hair color with neon green peek-a-boo chunks created by Bianca @bthalia13 using Pravana Vivids hair color in Pravana Vivids Violet and Pravana Neon Green. “Today at work… #salon #salonlife #silverspringmd #hair #neongreenhair #violethair” Same hair different lighting and braided.