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Blue and Green Color Melt

Unicorn Tribe Member 🌈 Dana Lynn Dautel @dana_lynn12 creates this amazing blue and green colormelt! “Electric Lizard” I dont kno anyone who pulls blue and green off better than my girl @jacquidegrazia318 !! How gorgeous is this melt? #phillybesthair

Sphinx’s Multi-Dimensional Blues

Sphinx @lucidsphinx absolutely beautiful multi dimensional blue hair color by @witchy_baby Magic color changing hair! First picture is daytime indoor light. Middle is night time, and the last is in front of a sunny window. So crazy how different color looks in different lighting Before …


Caitlin Ford Hair Hairstylist for Notch Salon @unfathomably created this beautiful color prism in green, blue and purple using Pravana hair dyes! Another @prismaddicthair preview!💜💙💚💕 Love the way this one turned out. #cutzilla #notchstl #stl #stlouis #saintlouis #thegrovestl #grovestl #sltyle #makeover #hair #hairstl #stlhair #hairstlouis …

From Black Deep Purple to Royal Blue Ombre

Gorgeous hair color transformation taking a medium length black to a deep purple to royal blue hair color by Hair by Strife. Hair by Strife 1509 S Lamar Austin, Texas +1 512-348-1023

Purple to Tealish Blue Ombre Hair Color

Beautiful purple to tealish blue ombre by hairstylist Jenny Potter at The Salons at Tuscan Square: Something extra colorful I did today 💙💜💚 Jenny Potter at The Salons at Tuscan Square 5293 S 31st St Suite 117A Temple, Texas +1 254-421-8896

Seafoam Dream

Amazing bright aqua hair color by Seattle Hairstylist Rochelle Fairchild @rororochelle. S E A F O A M 🐬 D R E A M – Its Joico color intensity cobalt blue, peacock green, and yellow diluted with conditioner.

Electric Blue Ombre

Electric blue ombre hair color using Pravana Vivids! the_colourbarsalon: Shock me like an electric eel 💙 by our stylist Shurie @shurie hashtags: #thecolourbarsalon #hair #beauty #hairfanatic #authentichairarmy #hrvahairartistry #modernsalon #americansalon #embeemeche #pravana #mypravanalegancy #hairbrained #btcpics #beautylaunchpad #simivalley #losangeles #losangeleshairstylist #hairdressermagic #balayage #behindthechair #angelofcolour #stylistshopconnect #imallaboutdahair …

Dr. Seuss Blue

Awesome short blue/turquoise hair color by Manic Panic Color Asylum at Revolver Salon. It’s like a work of art from Dr. Seuss himself! Manic Panic Color Asylum at Revolver Salon 1412 Broadway New York, New York +1 212-768-1174

Pink to Blue Ombre by Guy Tang

Pink to Blue Ombre hair color by Guy Tang with pretty hairstyle, half up/half down with fishtail braid. Did some fun colors on Rebecca Taylor today and colors I normally don’t do together but had so much fun doing!

Mermaid Ombré

Mermaid Ombré in shades of blue/teal by Solé Salon and Spa Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in beautiful Emeryville, California @solesalonaveda. Mermaid Ombré by the dazzling Taylor Tozier and blowout by or awesome new assistant Jazmyne Young! 😻💁🏻

Gray Roots to Baby Blue

Stunning hair that goes from silver gray roots to a vivid baby blue/turquoise by GlamHairArtist @glamhairartist. Grey root melting into baby blue.