Rainbow Hair Color Artist in Tacoma WA

Gorgeous unconventional hair color in rainbows by Tacoma WA Hair Artist Curtis Nielsen @curtiscolorshair. BTC ONESHOT FINALIST SOCOLORCULT Blonding.

“🌈 Rainbows Forever 🌈
You know how I feel about rainbows 😍this is my first full rainbow using @matrix #socolorcult ! I had so much fun creating this look 👀 pure pigments take time and care to effectively blend with no transfer! These shades smooth so easily I can’t even!”

Bright rainbow hair color gradient latest hair color trends for 2018.

Amazing vivid rainbow hair color gradient using Pravana hair color.

Vivid rainbow hair color gradient using Pravana hair color.

Rainbow waves with Pravana Vivids hair dye.

Pravana Vivids rainbow hair color wavy hair.

“🍭 Rare Candy 🍭
With @pravana color! Living in this pastel fantasy! Every section is a 1/8th inch melt altering positions to give a more metallic polarized effect! Diluted all shades with bondultim8”
Beautiful metallic pastel rainbow melt.

Pravana metallic pastel rainbow melt hair color 2018.

“1st Look: Created this look with With @pravana vivids and @matrix Socolor! Microcrimped with Sam villa texture iron, All on gorgeous @skyytraxxhair hair!
2nd Look: @pravana and @matrix always coming together to create beautiful shades! Utilized my @samvillahair micro embosser to create this expansive texture! All done on a beautiful @skyytraxxhair lace front wig!!! The density is incredible!!!!!”

Pastel rainbow braids with crimping 2018 hairstyles.

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