Awesome Pastel Rainbow

Beautiful pastel rainbow hair gradient with shaved sides using Pravana hair dyes by hairstylist Alli Marie @shearlockcombs from The Salon at ULTA, San Jose.

YES! Now THIS is what I LOVE to do! Had the honor of transforming Alyssa’s thick, long locks with Pravana color today!! After a grand total of 40 oz of product (lightener + toner + color), 9 hours, 6 processes, 4 shampoo & blow dries, 2 assistants, 1 haircut and a cut on the finger…blood, sweat and tears all literally went into this one! I generally keep my hair short…but I have serious #longhair #hairenvy!! Did I mention it’s actually a #mohawk!? I’m pretty proud of this one. 😊
Here are my custom-mixed #Pravana @pravana swatches, the before, during & after of our FIRST round of lightening (forgot a 📷 b&a the 2nd lightening, diffusing the banding on zone 1 & 3 😠 #hairstylistproblems), and finally, of the unicorn #saranwrap monster creation! 😀 🎨

Awesome Pastel Rainbow

Awesome Pastel Rainbow  1

Awesome Pastel Rainbow hair

braided Awesome Pastel Rainbow hair

hair process before during and after

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