Llana’s Pink and Purple Hair Color Process

Llana sent in amazing hair color pictures in pink and purple with detailed descriptions about how she achieved her look. This is a really amazing submission, let’s dive right in!

Hair Color 1: Used a mixture of Special Effects dyes over pre-bleached hair that I had already dyed twice before with Joyride (light purple), Pimpin Purple (medium purple with red base), and Deep Purple (dark purple with blue base).

This is the third time I used those same colors, but with the addition of Atomic Pink (hot pink). I mixed the colors accordingly to have a highlight effect.
On top: 3/5 Joyride, 1/5 Pimpin Purple, and 1/5 Atomic Pink. 
Midsection: 2/3 Pimpin Purple, 1/3 Atomic Pink, and a small amount of Deep Purple. 
Bottom/Underneath: 1/3 Atomic Pink, 2/3 Deep Purple, and a small amount of Pimpin Purple. 
Always start with the lighter colors–they take longer to dye than the darker ones. Otherwise the colors from top to bottom will be drastically different, rather than a more natural looking, gradual effect. 

pink purple hair

Hair color 2 is a photo of two weeks worth of fading.

Hair color 3 is a month after (June), my roots were beginning to show and the hair had became more pink.

pink and purple hair

I took the picture of Hair color 4 at the end of August. I really like this one because it’s a mixture of both my natural and unnatural hair color.
Due to my landscaping/gardening job I was outside every day for many hours, which resulted in my dirty blonde hair that had grown out to bleach to a lighter color with the rest of my hair. I dyed a portion of my hair underneath for 20 minutes with 1/2 Pimpin Purple and 1/2 Atomic Pink with a very small amount of Deep Purple to make it slightly darker. I loved the color, but the sun had seriously damaged the originally bleached portion of my hair, therefore making it very hard to maintain.

pink blonde hair

So Halloween weekend I redyed it (this generally fixes any damage problems). However this time, I had decided not to bleach my roots. Once again I used the same Special Effects colors: Joyride, Pimpin Purple, Atomic Pink, and Deep Purple–but with the addition of two new colors: Wild Flower (medium blue with purple tint) and Cupcake Pink (light pink). I mixed the colors again so that it’d be light to dark from top to underneath. 
Top: equal parts of Cupcake Pink &Joyride to be 2/3 of the mix, and equal parts of Pimpin Purple & Atomic Pink with a very small amount of Wild Flower to make up the other 1/3.
Mid: 2/4 Pimpin Purple, equal parts Atomic Pink & Wildflower to be 1/4, and equal parts of Joyride and Deep Purple to make up the other 1/4.
Underneath: 1/2 Deep Purple, and equal parts of Pimpin Purple, Atomic Pink, Wild Flower for other 1/2. 
Once again I started with the lighter colors on top and finished with the darker underneath to not have a drastic difference in color.
Generally it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for me to dye the top and mid sections of hair as I make high/lowlights with the colors. Underneath takes about 5 minutes to mix&apply. When all was done I waited 2-3 hours for the colors to process. Hair color 5 is the result of this. Even though I had not bleached my roots the colors on top still looked nice, but were more muted than vibrant. With the addition of Wild Flower’s blue tone, it balanced out the Atomic Pink and Pimpin Purple’s red base–making the overall color in the top and mid layers of hair much more purple than that of Hair color 1’s dye job.

purple and pink hair

Hair color 6 is 3 weeks after (right before Thanksgiving), and the majority of my hair retained it’s purple hue but a much lighter one. Also, because I had not bleached my roots, the color on top of my head was not retained as well. However I found the result of this to be quite nice, creating a gradient of pink to purple from root to tip.

pink purple hair

Much lighter, Hair color 7 is a picture I took today of my hair’s current state: 8 weeks after the initial dye job. The yellow base of my natural color is starting to show through the pink on top, and the hair past my chin still remains to be that of a medium purple tone. With how it has faded out, I prefer this mixture of colors: (Cupcake Pink, Atomic Pink, Joyride, Pimpin Purple, Wildflower and Deep Purple) the most out of all the other times I’ve dyed my hair. 

faded pink and purple hair

I seriously love Special Effects hair dye. If you’re looking for vibrant color that fades out beautifully, I highly recommend it!  


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