Cheyenne’s Gradient Purple Hair

Gorgeous gradient purple hair submission from Cheyenne!

Hello! My name is Cheyenne Nelson, and I have muthafuckin purple hair! Waddup!
My hair was virgin, all natural when I decided to do this. First I bleached my hair to the point where it was practically white. I used Color Brillance Powder lightener by Ion and a 30 volume developer by Ion as well. Then I used Manic Panic’s Purple Haze semi-perminent hair dye and mixed that with a white conditioner to the shade of purple I wanted on my hair. Then I applied it evenly from roots to ends. After I got the base color set, I mixed a little more dye with the white conditioner to make a darker shade of purple and applied that over the color already on my hair from about my ears down. Then I created an even darker shade with the dye and conditioner and applied that to my ends. I was trying to create a type of gradient effect. I deep condition my hair a lot to  help it from the bleaching, and I don’t use any heat on it so that I won’t be at risk of damaging it more, But this is basically what I did to get my hair color. 🙂

purple ombre hair


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