Pink Hair Dyes by Brand

Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink

Hot and bright bubble gum pink hair color.

Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink

Directions Carnation Pink

Unique and bright yet soft pink hair color, one of the most popular pink hair dyes around. It fades very well into a lovely shade of pastel pink.

July's Carnation Pink Hair

Directions Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink is a superb shade of vibrant pink hair dye! It’s our most popular pink shade from the Directions range and gives extremely bright results on pre-lightened hair.

direction flamingo pink - hot pink hair dye

Ion Magenta

From bright pink fades to a nice pastel in a few washes.


Joico Intensity Magenta

Long lasting intense magenta hair color.


Lunatik Killer Candy

An awesome shade of hot pink hair dye.

Lunatik Killer Candy

Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

Lighter shade of pink, a dye that glows under black light! thoroughly bleaching to a level 9 or 10 before use is suggested for the ideal outcome.


Manic Panic Cleo Rose

This is a fuschia pink, yet a softer shade than Manic Panic’s Popular Hot Hot Pink. A vibrant dye that will turn a beautiful shade of rose pink.

manic panic hair color cleo rose

Manic Panic Fuschia Shock

Fuschia Shock is a gorgeous magenta that explodes with color like the juices of a ripe boysenberry. Bleaching hair prior to dyeing will achieve the most vivid color, and this shade will add highlights to darker shades of hair.

Manic Panic Fuschia Shock

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

This shade of pink is so hot, we had to say it twice. It is a bright punch of a gorgeous magenta color, and will be sure to cause a scene.

hot hot pink manic panic

Manic Panic Pink Cadillac

This beautiful pink is Cotton Candy’s little sister. It is slightly lighter in tint, and 100% of the purchase price gets donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund! This dye color is also available in the Amplified formula, which lasts 30% longer than the Classic!

Manic Panic Pink Cadillac

Pravana Vivids Magenta

A deep raspberry magenta shade for hair that has been pre-lightened.


Pravana Vivids Pink

A soft and delicate baby pink hair color.

Pravana Pink and Violet

Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid

Warm purple/pink hair dye with a pink tinge, looks best when applied on pre-lightened hair.

Bright Hair - Pravana Wild Orchid

Special Effect Virgin Rose

A deep, vibrant pink hair color with a purple tinge.


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