Lauréline’s Pink Hair

Stunning new pink hair sent in by Lauréline:

Ok, so I am naturally light brown so I ombre’d my hair first (my hair was dyed my natural color and was only virgin on the roots but I hadn’t died it in over 6 months). The end look was light brown roots, medium blonde in the middle (loreal preference Floride) and very light ash blonde on the ends (loreal preference stockholm) all was well blended.
Next step mixed 3/4 Manic Panic hot hot pink with about 3 tablespoon of conditionner and a touch of Manic Panic shocking blue (just dipped the end of my brush in it) then I applied it straight to my hair.
Left it for 3 hours then rinsed and TADAAAAA =P It doesn’t seem like it but it is incredibly bright outside! And a deep rose/raspberry colour inside. Love it! A week and still hasn’t faded (maybe a little on top but absolutely not noticable thanks to the ombre =D)




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