Orange Hair Dyes by Brand

Amazing, bright head-turning orange hair color, here are all the most popular hair dyes in this stunning shade! Click on the name of a hair dye to see more examples of this hair color.

Directions Apricot
An orange/yellow pastel shade.
Directions Apricot hair dye

Manic Panic Electric Lava
Explosive deep orange/red hair color.

Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily
A bright shade of neon orange.
manic panic tiger lily

Psychedelic Sunset
A light and bright shade of orange.
Bright orange hair using Manic Panic's Psychedelic Sunset from @outerspacegrl

Pravana Neon Orange
An orange cone bright orange hair color, you will be noticed with Pravana neon orange, no doubt!
pravana neon orange

Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange
Insanely bright orange hair color that glows under black light.
Hi-Octane-orange special effects hair dye

Special Effects Hair Dye Napalm Orange
Eye popping bright orange hair color that glows under black light.
Napalm Orange Ponytail

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