Green Hair Dyes by Brand

Green Hair Dyes by Brand from Pravana, to Manic Panic, to Directions and more! Click on the name of the green hair dye to see more pictures of that particular dye.

Directions Alpine Green


A stunning, unusual forest green with a blue tinge.

Directions Apple Green

A bright, lighter shade of green hair dye.


Directions Spring Green

This is an amazing bright neon green hair colour from LaRiche Directions. It even glows under UV!

directions hair dye spring green

Manic Panic Electric Lizard

Awesome neon green hair color when applied to bleached hair, glows under black/UV light!

Awesome neon hair in Electric Lizard and Electric Banana via

electric lizard hair glowing

Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

Enchanting, deep pine green. The hair dye adds highlights to darker hair, giving gorgeous, dimensional color.

Sonia Eryka shows us the beauty of Enchanted Forest

Manic Panic Green Envy

One of Manic Panic’s deepest shades of green, this dye adds some dimensional highlights to darker hair colors. A true shade of green with intense tones!

manic panic green envy

Pravana Mystical Mint

Gorgeous pastel green, a mint green hair color!

pravana mystical mint hair dye

Pravana Vivids Green

Beautiful long lasting emerald green hair color.


Special Effects Iguana Green

A hair dye with deep green tones that still remains vibrant and bright.

Special Effects Iguana Green

Stargazer African Green

A very bright and funky shade of blue toned green hair color.

stargazer african green

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