Schwarzkopf Hypnotic Red

Stunning red hair color using Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL 37 Hypnotic Red.

Well I used this dye on my pre bleached hair, which was yellow at the top and medium brown on the bottom (icky). The dye smelt okay and was easy to use, plus there was plenty to cover my whole head even using only 1 bottle. I wanted for half an hour then rinsed in cold water. The result was amazing, bright red on top and deep red on the bottom. It covered my whole head and it was a beautiful colour. Unfortunately it fades alot after each wash and even on thwe 5th or 6th washes you still get red dye coming out. I redo my hair about every 6 weeks to keep the colour but it is very hard to keep. But otherwise great product. via Amazon






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