Red Kool-Aid Dip Dye

Dana submitted her beautiful blonde hair color dip dyed red with Kool-aid. Here is how she achieved this look:

Hey my name is Dana and I dip-dyed my hair with red kool-aid! The first picture is the day I dyed it, and as you can tell its fire-engine red. The second picture is about a week afterwards, the third about three weeks after I dyed it, and then the last one was very recent, and I actually got it dyed pink over top the red, but its already fading out 🙁

How to: separate the hair you don’t want dyed from the hair you do. Then take 2-3 packets of NON-SWEETENED Kool-Aid and dump it in 2-3 cups water. Bring the water to a boil (or you can just use hot water from tap, but you will have to sit with your hair submerged longer) and then poor the boiling water into a different bowl and let it stop boiling. then submerge your hair in it. Since I am blonde I only had to sit for 5 minute to achieve this color, the darker your hair, the longer it takes. Red is the only color I have tried, but I am excited to try more colors! And as a last thought to my super long message just want you to know that the kool-aid lasts for a REALLY long time! My hair was dyed red for almost a month with almost no fading or bleeding until I got it dyed pink, now its all fading out. So kool-aid is by no means going to wash out quickly. I hope you like, and have fun trying it out!

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