Pink Blush and Blue Powder Hair Color

Beautiful long baby blue and baby pink hair color in a French braid created by Las Vegas hair stylist Chita Beseau Atelier by Square salon @chitabeseau. Using Pulp Riot hair dyes in Blush and Powder.

“Pink Blush and Blue Powder wrapped in a French Braid 🎀💎 @chitabeseau created color / style with @pulpriothair color 🍭
@leysahairandmakeup is the makeup artist w/ @limecrimemakeup “



Same hair worn out with big loose curls:
“Split hair decisions”

split hair blue and pink

split hair blue and pink front view

“Cotton candy 🍥🍬 inspo created with @pulpriothair color Blush and Powder.”

Split hair blue and pink back view

Split hair blue and pink back view

“Split color braided into a side frenchbraid updo.”

Hair color process:
“It begins with a vision and holding on to it even when no one else can see it …”

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