Pastel Periwinkle! And Some Tips

Amazing pastel lavender/blue hair color with great tips on how to get this color sent in by Queen of Cute @

My natural color is a very dark blonde/light golden brown. I let my hair grow out for a year and a half before bleaching it twice for 30 minutes each time, with 20 vol. then 15 vol. I waited a month between each bleach, & used loads of masks & protein treatments to keep it alive ūüėČ . Each time i bleached i put “unred” in the mixture to prevent brassy tones. It went a light banana yellowy color, the second time… except for a few streaks of Splat’s¬†Crimson Obsession¬†in my bangs (i got bored with my natural color during the growing process), which lifted from a burgundy wine color to a kool-aid red/pink sort of color. Then i mixed N’rage¬†Purple Plum¬†to make a deep pastel color & Pravana Chromasilk Vivids¬†Violet, separately to make a dark pastel. i combined two parts of the pastelized N’rage¬†Purple Plum¬†to one part pastelized Chromasilk¬†Violet. I did this because i wanted pastel periwinkle hair; periwinkle is that wonderful color where you cannot tell if it’s blue or purple <3
If you want a pink based lilac, use Splat’s¬†Lusty Lavender. If you want a true pastel purple color, i highly recommend Pravana Chromasilk Vivids’¬†Violet. If you want a blue based purple, use N’rage¬†Purple¬†Plum¬†or Special Effects’¬†Wildflower.¬†Dilute the one of your choosing with a thick conditioner (so it’s not drippy on your head) to the shade you want on your hair, and then add some more dye to make it a shade darker than you want it – it will wash out lighter than you see it now. That’s why i mixed my color to a dark pastel. ¬†Apply it evenly to your hair, make sure it’s really saturated so it’s not patchy when you wash it out. Keep it in until it completely dries on your head – the dye should be stiff to the touch. It’s okay to sleep in it! I kept mine in for five hours but it still wasn’t long enough – the crown of my head was still moist with the dye & washed out lighter than the rest of my hair – oh well, that’s what touch-ups are for!
I also have some small pink & blonde streaks on the underside of my hair (diluted half/half Splat Pink Fetish with conditioner)
And that’s how you can get lilac, lavender, pastel purple or pastel periwinkle hair!




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